Upgrade!!! Hyaluronic Eye Treatment can be added for $35. Single 30mins treatment is $55

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Skeyndor Basic 30 MINS - $55

Quick glow facial that is customised to suit different skin types and concerns. The treatment includes double cleanse, exfoliate, mask and moisturise.

Skeyndor Deluxe Facial 1HR - $90

Deep cleanse - combining Bio-technological Enzyme peel that eats dead skin like "pacman" follow by purifying or enzyme mask to intensify the deep cleanse process, great for teens/young adults with oily/clog skin and Men (Extraction can be requested if need).

Sensitive repair - Aquatherm by Skeyndor is the key to repairing sensitive skin. Combining thermal water from a mineral-medicinal spring "Salies de Bearn" that contains the highest Magnesium amount allowed in cosmetics and other minerals, ceramide, pumpkin extract, plant extracts and pre-biotic sugar, this treatment will detox and heal the sensitive skin.

Oily/Acne repair - Clear Balance by Skeyndor aims to regulate the oil flow (not strip the oil - we need oil to look young and healthy!!!) and remove build-up dead skin (both surface and in the follicles) to prevent clogging and future breakout while improving the skin immunity (just like a vaccine! but no injection). Clients that suffered from Acne and currently have scars but no major breakout can be treated with other treatments such as Microdermabrasion, Skeyndor Retinol Facial, Dermapeel or Skin Needling (great for pitted scars).

Hyaluronic hydrating - new Skeyndor range that not only hydrate and prevent moisture lost, it also regulates Hyaluronic acids in you skin (dermis level) to promote extra hydration in the deeper layer, thanks to the very low molecular weight Hyaluronic active ingredient!

Vitamin C brightening - Amazing Power C+ by Skeyndor is the new generation of vitamin C that gives 700 times better absortion. The treatment combines 15% vitamin C with 6% HG pommegranate to promote brightening and antioxidant benefit.

Skeyndor Men Facial - Products and treaments are especially formulated for Men skin and concerns. Treatment can be chosen between Hydrating (under 30yrs old) or Energising (30+). Or Deep Cleanse facial is also another great choice for Men too!

More Deluxe Facial treatment available to suit your skin need.

Skeyndor Luxurious Facial 1.5HR - $165

(these treatments are highly recommended to use homecare products to optimise the result)

Wrinkle filler - Corrective range is an ultimate cosmeceutical treatment that gives an amazing result in the reduction of lines and wrinkles. Using medium weight Hyaluronic to help fill the wrinkles (it is like a sponge! expand 30 times its size when contact with water - therapist may recommend hydrating facial prior to this treatment to achieve great result if you have dry/dehydrated skin) while neuro inhibiting agent, skin redensifier will help in the deeper layer to reduce and prevent further wrinkle formation

Lifting - New Global lift is so innovative! It targets deep dermis layer like no others (to date, skincare can only get into upper dermis know as papillarly dermis). Great on Premature aged skin where the damage is mainly and greatly in the deeper dermis.

Volumizing - Turn back the clock?...of course you can. Another innovation by Skeyndor using Nanotechnological stem cell in Eternal range to repair and regenerate skin's stem cell; resulting in younger, better and plump skin. Homecare is a must!!

Mesoscience Treatments - Mesoscience By Skeyndor using a non-invasive virtual mesotherapy technique to break through the resistant barriers in the skin and transports the active ingredients to unlocked cells. It regenerates the cells which provides longer lasting results, delivering outstanding results from the first treatment. Treatment can be chosen from a line filling using Hyaluronic Acid at cell level to smooth and firm lines and wrinkles, micro & macro Face Lifting at different depths which lead to a noticeable lifting sensation in three dimensions and removing Pigmentation marks from the skin and Regulating Melanin production. Please consult with our therapist to discuss the suitable treatment choice and plan.

Rejuvenating Facial 45MINS/1HR - $120

Dermalift - 45 mins Mini Facelift treatment that lifts and keeps muscles firm with no down time, no pain and no surgery. This treatment also creates elasticity in the tissue keeping the skin healthy The number of treatments depends on age and skin condition. A series of treatments will help re-tone the muscles and rejuvenate the skin. A monthly maintenance treatment will also help to keep the muscles tight and healthy. Dermalift is incredible as a preventative & corrective treatment and homecare products such as Skeyndor Corrective & Global lift are highly recommended.

Skeyndor Dermapeel - 1 hr high performance cosmeceutical peeling treatment that designed to renovate the appearance of the face, achieving softer, more even skin. Its efficacy is based on the combination of five exfoliation techniques in one session; physical abrasion, ultrasound-based Mircodermabrasion, chemical acid exfoliation, enzymatic digestion and biological exfoliation. The combination of these five techniques makes it possible to obtain faster, more long-lasting results.  

Diamond Microdermabrasion - 45 mins "lunchtime peel", a non-invasive and gentle abrasion process that abrades layers of dead & damaged skin cells and stimulates cell renewal, collagen and elastin which leaves your skin visibly smoother, brighter, firmer and clearer after one procedure. Crystal Microderm is also available for more abrasive peel, suitable for acne scar, thick skin and enlarge pore.

Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion - Anti-aging technology used by celebrities! It combines a powerful anti-aging ingredients, vitamins and antioxidants with multiweight hyaluronic acid to dramatically transform the look and feel of your skin. Book 6 Treatments and receive full size homecare products (cleanser, 2 steps moisturisers and eye gel) for free.

LED Photo Therapy - Photocare by Sorisa utilizies LED light at specific wavelengths, combining exposure sequences and durations on different areas of the face for applying fast, long-lasting and comfortable treatments. The treatment will improve the most common facial problems including flaccidity (saggy skin), wrinkles, expression lines, pigmentation disorders and oily and acne skins. It is safe, non-invasive, no negative side effects, no downtime and suitable for all skin types.